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* Here’s the latest news *
Due to the increasing use of blogs, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn,
Twitter, and so many other social networking and blogging services available
on the web now, family web sites like obarr.net are becoming a thing of the past.
I will be dismantling this web site and only maintain a minimal presence here.
We will still keep the domain name and our obarr.net e-mail addresses.
73 to an era!

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Alaska Ham Radio
Web Sites

- AC6V has more Amateur Radio software and web links than I have seen anywhere else
- Arrow Antennas
- Cheap Yagi Antennas for VHF/UHF
- Digital Interface Info
- Heavens Above Main Page
- Jerry, K5OE: Home Brew Amateur Antennas
- KD4APP's Web Site
- N7SFI Home Page
- NASA’s online J-Track
- ON6SAT, Berto Willems’ links ... more amateur satellite info then you will ever need!
- PCsat, A Naval Academy Amateur Radio Satellite
- PSK 31 page
- VE7WFG, Bill Greene’s web site

Many members of MARA and AARC worked to install
the new Ham Radio station in the Wasilla, Alaska
Red Cross office during September 2006.

Gahleos Photo Album

- Purpose of This Site
- MARA's Field Day 2004
- KL7DR's opinions on repeaters
- Repeaters coordinated by MARA
- Amateur Radio in the 21st Century by Jim Wiley KL7CC
- Here's a neat article from MRT

- Tribute to KK5YY

- AO-51 Nov 2006
- ISS Nov 2006
- SO-50 Nov 2006
- Sat Tracking Programs
- Keplerian Data
- KL7DR's New LEO Primer
- Alaska Grid Squares
- SC Alaska Amateur Repeaters & nets
- Public Service - FRS and MURS Frequencies

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